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Will I be employed or self employed?

When you become a foster carer, you are self-employed, which means you will need to file your own tax returns and may be entitled to tax relief on your income.

Can I work and foster?

It is not always possible to foster and work a full-time job at the same time. However, there are certain circumstances where it is possible.  For example, a fostering couple may be able to divide roles where one works full time and the other can focus solely on the child’s needs.  As a single foster …

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Do I have to be married to foster?

No. As long as you can show proof of a liveable income and have enough time to meet the needs of your foster child, it is not necessary to be married or in a civil partnership to foster.

Can I foster if I have pets?

Having pets does not stop you from becoming a foster carer and can in fact really help in supporting the child’s wellbeing and overall happiness. However, every pet will need to be assessed during your fostering application to make sure they are suitable to live in the same environment as a child or young person.

How long is the fostering process?

How long the application process varies from person to person, but the entire process usually takes anywhere between four to six months, in which time we will be keeping in regular contact, and working closely, with you.