Vineyard Fostering

Fostering Allowances​

Vineyard Fostering values the important role foster carers play in caring for and changing the lives of children and young people placed with them and offers a very competitive fostering allowance of up to £950 per week depending on the child/ren’s needs and foster carer’s experience. Additionally, Vineyard Fostering is known for offering generous bonuses and other benefits to its foster carers.  

Vineyard Fostering recognises that foster carers do not foster because of the financial reward, however as a foster carer, you need to be available for a child 24/7 and without financial assistance, this may not be possible.

As a family agency, we provide unrivalled help and support to our foster carers and empower them to provide the care that children need to achieve positive outcomes.

You will also be entitled to some tax relief from your earnings as a foster carer.

Vineyard Fostering offers a fostering allowance per child starting from over £400 per week and up to £950 depending on the child/ren’s needs. A foster carer may receive higher payments for a sibling group or a parent and child setting. Please note this is an indication of Vineyard Fostering weekly payments made for each placement type, however, the agency works with many local authorities across the UK and each package of support (including financial) is assessed on an individual basis. Please talk to a member of Vineyard Fostering to discuss how our allowances could work for you.

What is the payment for?

The foster carer payment is in place to ensure that the only outlay foster carers need to make is time, nurture, and a loving home and that they are not restricted by financial implications. Carers receive a reward element and the allowance for the child. The allowance covers the daily living costs for the child such as pocket money, food, clothing, holiday costs and transport. Foster carers are seen as professionals and so the reward element is a carers income.