Vineyard Fostering

Young People in Care

Building a strong support network around the child.

Young People in Care

At Vineyard Fostering, we are passionate about every child receiving the support they need to thrive and achieve their best outcomes therefore, we build a team of professionals around the child together with the essential elements needed to ensure the child or young person is fully supported. 

We recognise that the most important environment where a child can develop trust, manage emotions, build self-esteem, feel effective and gain a sense of belonging is within the family setting, therefore, our staff team work in partnership with the foster family offering support and supervision, therapeutic assessment and training, plus an opportunity to reflect on their own experiences of living and working with the child in their care.

We promote the Voice of the Child

At Vineyard, we want to make sure children in our care are happy and satisfied with their care, so we encourage children to express their views, feelings and wishes. And we really do take what you say on board!

Bringing children together to make a difference.

We organise activities, family events and competitions for children and young people throughout the year. This brings the children/young people together and enables them to get involved, express themselves and make friends which helps them to build their confidence and makes them feel valued and empowered.  

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A Children’s Guide to Foster Care

Please click on the link below for a copy of our Children’s Guide to Foster Care which contains information about fostering and being looked after.