Vineyard Fostering

Foster Carer Support

Foster Carer Support

When you join Vineyard Fostering, we will be there to support you in your fostering journey because we believe that if our foster carers are to effectively care for the children and young people placed with them, they have to themselves feel valued and supported.

You will be allocated a Supervising Social Worker who will work closely with you and be in touch with you on a regular basis. With our 24/7 support, training, family activities and events on offer to our foster carers through the year, you are never alone.

Our dedicated team of professionals support you with looking after the needs of the child, offer advice and guidance and provide assistance if you need any matter addressed or resolved.

Your Supervising Social Worker will be your main contact within the Agency and will support you with any placements you have. They will:

  • Maintain regular contact with you through visits and phone calls.
  • Conduct supervision sessions with you to identify your training and development needs and address those needs to enable you to obtain relevant knowledge, skills and capacity to improve your practice and support the child or young person in your care.
  • Visit the child and young person regularly. In doing this, due consideration is given to the role and involvement of the child’s Social Worker, so that there is clarity between the roles and responsibilities of the Agency and placing Authority.
  • Ensure that the best interests of the child and/or young person are being safeguarded and the choice and feelings of the child are promoted.
  • Help you to identify and access appropriate support around the child to promote the physical, mental, and emotional welfare of the child or young person.
  • Support you at meetings with professionals and in communications with the placing authority.
  • Inform you of events and family activities beneficial to you and the child or young person and encourage you to attend and participate.
  • Assist you in understanding how to keep the records of your child or young person’s journey with you.
  • Equip you with the relevant training and tools you need to support the child or young person in your care to engage with their education and support in order to thrive and achieve their best outcomes.