Vineyard Fostering



There are many different types of fostering, and if you’re thinking of becoming a foster carer you may want to consider what is best for you.

  • Emergency

Emergency care is used for short notice or unplanned situations, for example, if the parent is taken into custody and there is no one to care for the child. Emergency foster carers need to be ready to bring a child into their home at any time of the day and care for them for a certain number of days.

  • Short Term

Short-term foster care is where a foster carer accommodates a child or young person for a short period until the child can return to their birth family, or until a long-term fostering placement can be found for them. Short-term foster care can last from one night to several months.

  • Long-Term

This is also referred to as permanent foster care and involves cases where a child or young person may not be able to return to their birth family for a long time or until they are old enough to leave care at 18years of age.   Long term care gives a child the opportunity to stay with a family where they can be nurtured and feel safe. Most of the time the child is able to keep in contact with their birth family.

  • Parent and Child Fostering

This occurs where a mother, father or both and their baby are placed with a specially trained foster carer to look after them and ensure their safety while the parent(s) suitability to care for their baby is assessed.

  • Respite

This is where short break foster carers arrange to have a child stay with them for a period of time as short as a couple hours, or a set time each week to give the full-time carers a break.

  • Therapeutic foster care

This is where the foster carer looks after children with complex needs and requires specialised training. Therapeutic foster carers work closely with the specialist team around the child or young person.

If you’re unsure of which type of fostering is best for you and your family, speak to us and we will help with deciding. Contact us for more information and advice.