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Children referred to Vineyard Fostering have experienced the trauma of being removed from their birth family. They often have a painful history and damaged relationships in early life that have continued to impact upon further relationships, their sense of self and their emotional development. These early life events and damaged relationships can often lead children to display difficult and challenging behaviour which offer a huge challenge to those charged with the care and development of the children.

Vineyard Fostering will utilize its core principles and the Secure Base Model to promote attachment and resilience in foster carers and children and provide a therapeutic management structure with a team of professionals around the child. We believe that open, transparent and positive working relationships where information dissemination, cooperation in service delivery are all essential elements in ensuring every child and young person in our care is fully supported, therefore we will promote collaborative and partnership working with other professionals and stakeholders who form the team around the child/ young person.

We recognise that the most important environment where a child can develop trust, manage emotions, build self-esteem, feel effective and gain a sense of belonging is within the foster family setting, therefore, Vineyard Fostering’s staff team and professionals around the child, including Local Authority Social Workers, Education and Health Services, will work in partnership with the foster family offering support, supervision, therapeutic assessment and training, plus an opportunity to reflect on their own experiences of living and working with the child in their care. Our strong belief is that if our foster carers and staff are to work and live alongside the children and young people, they have to themselves feel valued, understood, supported and cared for.

Through a wide range of up-to-date training courses and resources materials, Vineyard Fostering ensures staff and foster carers are well trained, adequately equipped with skills that will enable them to promote an excellent standard of care delivery to the children and young people

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